Amazing Grocery List

• Staff Pick in the Android Market for January 2012
• Never forget an item at the store again! Simple and ingenious, the only smart grocery shopping list available will save you time and money.

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Amazing Grocery List   Amazing Grocery List   Amazing Grocery List

• Featured as a Staff Pick in the Android Market for January 2012

• Amazing Grocery List learns your habits and predicts what you need—it’ll be on your list before you’re hungry.

• Advanced predictive modeling can automatically build your shopping list for you. 

• Never forget to buy an item at the store again! Simple and ingenious.

• Our focus on simplicity, efficiency, and clean design ensures that you get in and out of the store with ease.

—Now Available: Multiple phones can share and edit the same list!—

Android app on Google Play

With a traditional grocery app, you can forget to put things on your list that you don’t frequently buy, like toothpaste and deodorant. Amazing Grocery List uses predictive modeling to begin automatically building your shopping list for you, which saves you time and money.

The best part is, the more you use it, the more accurately it’s able to predict when you are running low on items. This amazing app works with any item in the grocery store, regardless of how often you purchase it. And with the help of the Pantry page, you can see how many days you have left until you run low on items at home.

Use it just as you would a regular grocery list: Write down the items you need to buy, check them off the list as you shop, and press the checkout button when you’re finished. Using predictive modeling, Amazing Grocery List can build your grocery list for you.

The more you use Amazing Grocery List the smarter it gets. Stop realizing after you’ve left the store that you forgot a loaf of bread. Stop wondering how much cereal you have at home when you’re at the store. Start letting Amazing Grocery List take care of all this for you. After you purchase the Amazing Grocery List you will never forget that loaf of bread again!

Amazing Grocery List is like no other app in the world. It uses intelligent inventory management algorithms to empower users with the ability to manage their entire home’s inventory of groceries and supplies. By tracking user’s purchasing trends, the app notifies user’s when they are running low on items, and can even build grocery lists for users based on items that need to be restocked. Not only does it monitor their grocery usage, but by the end of March I plan to implement a customized coupon solution within the app, where the user can select coupons, which are then automatically used when they swipe their regular loyalty card at checkout. The app uses smart phones to their true potential by providing a valuable service to users, rather than just a fun way to throw birds at pigs. I hope to develop an entire suite of apps similar to Amazing Grocery List that help users run their lives more easily and efficiently.

Try Amazing Grocery List today, and start making grocery shopping fun again.

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